Has Your Company Lost That Loving Feeling?

An Introduction to Traction, A Better Way to Run Your Company

Presented by Vic Pemberton of WITY Solutions

Are you struggling to “get a grip” on the complexity due to constant change and challenges? Or is it like ground hog day, where every day you face the same issues and opportunities? In this session, we will be discussing concepts built around TRACTION that will help you feel the love, get a grip, and create solutions toward providing momentum forward. Learn how to build a great team with the Right People in the Right Seats, create great metrics, or scorecards and provide accountability and sustainability.

Money Talks

How to Develop the Perfect Sales Process and Find the Right People to Make it Happen!

Presented by David Marler of LightSpeed Automation

This session will present a comprehensive, easy to execute sales plan – from event marketing, picking the right sales person, the difference in a hunter and a farmer and why every successful sales strategy needs a CRM.

Taking a Bite Out of Crime

How Crime Continues to Pay and Pay and Pay…

Presented by Silas Deane of VendEngine

Silas will walk you through how to get into the prison commissary business. He explains the difference in a jail and a prison, who to call on, where to look for them and what’s important. Their company is looking for operators to partner with and have jails that contact them all of the time for referrals. You’ll come away with a new vertical that is sure to help increase your bottom line, because crime really does pay.

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Micro Market Merchandising

Presented by Chris Harkness of 7-Eleven and Josh Rosenberg of Accent Food Services

This session will discuss visual merchandising and assortment selection for micro markets. 7-Eleven is an industry leader in the world of C-Stores and you’ll get an inside look at how they merchandise their stores and how they use data to determine their product mix.