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Vic Pemberton, Certified Executive Coach

WITY Solutions

“Imagine great people… and they are yours”   – Vic Pemberton

People are the key in any organization. As a life long business entrepreneur, I have acquired and grown several companies while mentoring hundreds of individuals. With thirty years of leadership experience, I have been blessed to work with great people dedicated to delivering the best products and highest level of customer satisfaction.

As CEO of The Pepi Companies, a family owned and operated business, I have built the market leader in the custom convenient refreshment industry. From the first day of driving a route truck for Pepsi-Cola, through setting up our information systems, to leading a dynamic sales and service team, negotiating contracts with local and regional chain accounts, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with people building relationships and business. For several years I managed multiple aspects of Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co as I worked to develop Pepi. The CEO, the late “Max” Langston gave me the opportunity to purchase shares in Pepi that was formed in 1989, and finally to acquire 100% of in 2001.

The Pepi Companies story continues to be written daily by our 3 grown children and over 125 dedicated employees. Over the years our customers have asked for fresh food, catered meals, coffee, institutional items, in plant restaurants, filtered water systems, new delivery systems, and new market concepts, and we have consistently delivered custom innovative solutions.

The reality of being both the “dad” and the “boss” created a challenge that led the kids to encourage me to “Be the Coach”. Now, as a certified executive coach, I am dedicating my life to helping other business owners identify growth within their own organizations. I look forward to building relationships, driving excellence, and sharing my own business experiences with forward looking leaders.