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Logical Strategies Lead to Logical Success

Profitable Strategies in Vending

Presented by Jeff Parks of Southern Refreshments and Paul Worley of Field Vision

In this session, we’ll tackle the complicated world of financial statements. What is a healthy P&L and how do you get (and stay) in the black? What key metrics do you need to watch daily, weekly and monthly? Also, learn to plan actions, rather than budget numbers, using a Strategic Planning model. You’ll come out of their presentation with a road map to make your P&L great again.

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I Want to Get Better

Understanding Large Data and How to Use it for more Profit

Presented by Greg Sidwell and Thad Drum of G&J Marketing

Are you lost on how to tackle “Big Data”? Greg and Thad will help unlock the mystery, break it down into pieces that are easy to understand, and provide answers to questions that have not yet been asked. Learn what your data is telling you and how that can lead to profitable decisions about product mix, promotions and pricing.

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Productivity Analysis

Presented by Trey Smith and David Marler of LightSpeed Automation

This session will walk you through an efficiency model and how to maximize your warehouse picking. Each participant will have a 30-day analysis done of their picking rates and will get two levels of comparison; one against other operations of similar size and one against all LightSpeed customers in attendance. You’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to turn your warehouse into a lean, mean, picking machine.

Shake Down: Do You Pay the Hackers or Not

How to protect your company’s data from being hacked and then sold back to you

Presented by Kirby Winters of TechCXO

Kirby will help take the confusing concept of Network Security and provide an easy to understand blueprint on what you can do NOW to prevent a breach of your operating system. This session will give you everything you need to get your network security under control. Not all threats are from the outside or from other countries. There are internal security breaches as often and there are external and Kirby covers them all in his fast paced presentation.

Embracing Technology and the Millennials that Love it!

The new barbarians at the Gate or the Heroes of Vending

Presented by Hector Benavides of Vagabond