The employee productivity tracking in the ONE system allows the operator to not only monitor order picking; but to also make changes in their training program in order to increase results. By tracking productivity and providing a mapped, wireless picking program, an operator is able to increase efficiency while reducing mistakes.

LightSpeed’s Correctional Fulfilment picking system allows the operator to increase the number of orders a warehouse employee can pick per hour, reduce the number of errors, and reduce new employee training time.

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Product Benefits

Published Operator Results:

  • Increased the number of orders picked by warehouse employee per hour from 12 to 30
  • Reduced the error rate from 1.2% to .03%
  • Reduced new employee training time by 40%
  • Communicates all changes back to provider software
  • Wireless warehouse system
  • Fast iPad Touchscreen technology
  • Employee accountability and production tracking
  • Highly accurate order processing
  • Pull multiple orders at the same time
  • Optimizes warehouse picking route
  • On screen product pictures