What exactly is Vision?
Vision is an online drag and drop digital advertising system. Our software connects with any display in your company through a custom media player plugged into it over a WiFi or Cellular network. It allows a company to push custom marketing content to their customers.

What is drag and drop?
Drag and drop is a term used to describe how you move content within a software module.

Do I need a marketing person to use Vision?
No. The functionality of the software is very easy to use. If you want to create a promotion or even use one that one or your vendors created, you can literally drop it into the software. This allows you to save it, identify which displays you want to have it played, and then use a calendar to determine how long it plays. It requires no specific education to use.

Would it work as a menu board?
Yes. Any business that needs a menu board (restaurant, deli, print shop) could easily use Vision to display pricing, promotions, combo packages or any information they’d like to show. Simply buy as many displays as you need.

Is there a minimum size for the display?
Vision will work on any size monitor that an owner may use.

How long does it take to change the image?
The system is scheduled to reach out every 5 minutes to see if there are any changes. If it picks up a change, the information is sent to the media player on the display and will change the image currently being played.

Do I have to be in my office to change the display?
No. You can change the image from your smart phone or tablet. As long as you have internet or cellular service, you can change it from anywhere.

Can I schedule it to change ahead of time?
Yes, you can schedule certain ads/promos to run at a predetermined schedule. You can promote breakfast items in the morning and snack items in the afternoon. You can set Vision to change them at a predetermined time without having to manually do it.

My locations are in different demographic areas – do all the displays have to run the same image?
No. Each location can run a unique campaign. You can group the displays any way you wish – by region, by type of customer or by location.

Who do I call if there is a problem?
We offer 24/7/365 Tech Support. You can reach us one of 2 ways. You can call direct or send an email to support. We stand behind our 15 minute response time.

Our company is growing – can Vision be expanded?
Yes. You can add as many displays as you want on the system.

Vision is the most affordable digital advertising program on the market today. It’s literally pennies a day.


What exactly is Level?
Level is an advanced Inventory Management System designed to give operators real time inventory levels, maintain the proper amount of inventory, develop optimum purchase orders, track approaching stale dates, and assist in rebate tracking.

I already have an inventory module with my VMS – why do I need Level?
Level is primarily designed for vending operators who have one system for their VMS and another system for their micro markets. Most of these systems don’t communicate with each other. But they all talk to LightSpeed.

How does Level do that?
LightSpeed currently integrates with all major VMS and Micro Market companies. Those orders are pushed to our system to pick. We know what is being sent out on the vending routes and what is being pushed to the kiosks. If the purchasing is done through Level then we have the data we need to start developing optimum purchase and inventory levels.

Do I have to generate Purchase orders through Level?
Yes. By purchasing through Level, the algorithm will start to learn the delivery cycles. With the purchase orders in Level, you’ll also be able to receive product against the PO to ensure that you are receiving everything you ordered.

It takes a long time to check in an order – does Level make that process quicker?
Yes. Level works with a bar code scanner that will quickly check in an order from a supplier. In addition, you can scan the expiration dates which will be entered into Level and tracked. The system will send you notification when those dates are approaching.

How does Level help me determine how much to order?
As you start to use Level for all your inventory and purchasing, it will start to develop historical data on sales and delivery cycle. With this data, Level will develop recommended purchases. In beta testing, these levels were substantially lower than what was being order prior to Level.

How does it help me lower the inventory in my warehouse?
As Level begins to track your historical data and suggest purchasing quantities, the overall inventory in the warehouse will decrease as your orders get smaller.

How does Level track rebates?
It doesn’t track rebates specifically. It tracks purchases that you can compare to your rebate checks. There are plans to expand the rebate tracking functionality in the future.

Who do I call if there is a problem?
We offer 24/7/365 Tech Support. You can reach us one of 2 ways. You can call direct or send an email to support. We stand behind our 15 minute response time.

I have more than two warehouses – does Level work in both?
Yes! You can use level for all of your warehouses that pick with LightSpeed.


What exactly is Cooler?
Cooler is an iPad push cart system. It’s designed to streamline the pack out of cold food within a commissary environment. Cooler identifies what product needs to be placed in a specific order and will guide the employees efficiently on a mapped route through the staging area.

Will Cooler work with my VMS?
Cooler will work seamlessly with LightSpeed and will function with all Provider systems that currently integrate with LightSpeed.

I don’t have a LightSpeed – can I still use Cooler?
The stand-alone version of Cooler has a LightSpeed Core System built in so you can use Cooler if you are not currently using LightSpeed.

How does the Wifi signal get through the cooler walls?
The system includes access points that will be installed inside the cooler. Getting a signal to the iPads is not an issue.

Our production comes out at different times based on our route schedule. Will Cooler accommodate that?
Cooler allows employees to start and stop based on what items are coming from production. If a partial run of an item is finished, the employees can place it in the correct trays, then come back to their stopping point when the balance of that item is finished.

How does Cooler get the orders?
Through the integration with your provider software, Cooler will pull the orders and then place them in the pre-mapped sequence previously described. It doesn’t matter how the orders get into your provider software, Cooler will pull them.

What happens if I run out of a product before the pack out is completed?
Cooler allows for real time product substitutions. If you don’t have enough of an item and need to either substitute or decrease the quantity you send a customer, you can make those changes on the iPad and the changes will be pushed back to LightSpeed.

Who do I call if there is a problem?
We offer 24/7/365 Tech Support. You can reach us one of 2 ways. You can call direct or send an email to support. We stand behind our 15 minute response time.

How does Cooler eliminate employee mistakes?
Employees confirm the counts they placed in that current tray by clicking the quantity button on the iPad screen. The system will place a large green check mark on that quantity to let the employee know that item was placed and the count has been confirmed.

Can Cooler help me determine how much product to buy?
At this time Cooler only deals with the pack out of cold food once it has been produced. It does not have a production or purchasing module.


I’m a small operator and don’t need a high volume solution. Is there a system that fits my business?
Yes. Both Mobile and Xpress are designed for small warehouse operations to take advantage of the same technology. Both systems are wireless and use iPads to pick orders in a mapped sequence in your warehouse.  This allows your employees to pick multiple orders simultaneously.

Do I need to be prekitting to use LightSpeed?
No. LightSpeed is an automated warehouse picking solution. It can receive orders from an on-line ordering system, or it can receive the bulk orders from the driver’s handhelds. If you have Micro Markets you can absolutely use LightSpeed.

Will LightSpeed work with my VMS?
Yes. LightSpeed currently integrates with all of the established vending management software companies. In the rare case that we don’t, we can certainly open a line of communication and see if it’s possible to do so.

How does LightSpeed work with my micro markets?
LightSpeed will pick the orders for the micro markets. If any changes are made to the order during picking (due to out of stocks) then it will push those changes to the markets kiosk eliminating the need to log on to the Micro Market website and manually make that change.

Do I have to shut my warehouse down to install the system?
No. Our installers will work around your operation and make sure not to interrupt the normal work flow.

Are there any financing options?
Yes. LightSpeed has a 12 month same as cash program that allows the operator to buy the system with no interest charges. There is a $1 buy out at the end of the lease.

Can I use LightSpeed to pull my OCS orders?
Yes. LightSpeed can pick orders that get pushed from your VMS or online ordering system.

Will LightSpeed work in a cooler?
Yes. You can use LightSpeed to pick cold foods inside a cooler.

We bulk pull our drinks – will LightSpeed add the total by route?
Yes. LightSpeed can take the orders from your VMS and bulk add them so you can pull the drinks for a specific route in bulk quantities. It also has a feature that will round up to the next full case.

Who do I call if there is a problem?
We offer 24/7/365 Tech Support. You can reach us one of 2 ways. You can call direct or send an email to support. We stand behind our 15 minute response time.

Our company is growing – can LightSpeed be expanded?
Both FastTrack (pick-to-lights) and Mobile (the mobile application) can be expanded. There are some systems that have as many as 300 lights and Mobile systems with 30 iPads running at the same time.

Our warehouse is set up differently – we have several zones. Can LightSpeed have multiple zones?
Yes. The system will allow you to set up as many zones as needed.

Can you pick more than one order at a time?
Yes. FastTrack has a 5 color light system that allows up to 5 orders to be picked at the same time. The mobile application can pick up to 6 in the candy room and 2-4 on snacks and drinks depending on the order size.

Is LightSpeed difficult for my employees to learn?
No. In fact it’s the opposite. FastTrack will show employees exactly what needs to be picked and the quantity. Mobile will show them a picture of the product, name of the product, how many they need to pick and the bin location of where the item is stored. Neither system will allow the next item to be picked until they confirm the previous item. LightSpeed systems can drastically reduce training time.

How do you handle changes to the order if we are out of stock?
Employees can adjust quantities of items picked on the line. Those changes will be pushed back to the VMS or Micro Market Kiosk. Managers can do global updates before the orders are processed to handle all substitutions up front or products can be swapped on an individual order basis as they are picked.