LightSpeed ONE is a mobile warehouse system that is perfect for the growing micro market boom and a compliment to FastTrack. ONE utilizes iPads mounted on any mobile cart directing the picker from item to item throughout the warehouse following an optimized route. By picking up to 4 orders at a time, warehouse employees can make one trip though the warehouse dramatically increasing efficiency. By forcing confirmation of the item before moving to the next one, accuracy is guaranteed.

One of the biggest features of ONE is employee productivity and accountability tracking. By logging in and out on the iPad, the system tracks the progress being made by each picker and provides that information in easy to read reports for management. This information can be pushed to a status monitor mounted in the warehouse so all employees can see their progress.

ONE also allows high volume snacks, drinks, cold food, and candy to be picked at the same time.

See It In Action

Product Benefits

  • Full integration with; VMS – Micro markets – Coffee – Cold Food
  • Automatic warehouse inventory reductions
  • Communicates all changes to the kiosk and VMS automatically to ensure that accurate inventories are maintained
  • Prekit snacks, drinks, cold food, fruit, and coffee
  • Wireless warehouse system
  • Fast iPad touchscreen technology
  • Employee accountability and production tracking
  • High accurate order processing
  • Pick multiple orders simultaneously
  • Automatically optimizes warehouse pick routing
  • Real-time product substitutions
  • On-screen pictures
  • 4 day installation