LightSpeed Xpress has the exact same features and benefits as Mobile with one exception: it is limited to a maximum of two providers. Xpress allows operators to grow at their pace without the investment of upgrading to Mobile.

Since technology is changing the world we live in, it is advantageous for small operators to anticipate growth and strive to maintain a more efficient business plan.

See It In Action

Product Benefits

  • Full integration with; VMS – Micro markets – Coffee – Cold Food
  • Automatic warehouse inventory reductions
  • Automatically communicates all changes to the kiosk and VMS in order to maintain accurate inventories
  • Prekit snacks, drinks, cold food, fruit and coffee
  • Wireless warehouse system
  • Fast iPad touchscreen technology
  • Employee accountability and production tracking
  • High accurate order processing
  • Prekit multiple orders simultaneously
  • Automatically optimizes warehouse pick routing
  • Real time product substitutions
  • On screen pictures
  • Remote installation