Proper Care and Handling of Cardboard

Proper Care and Handling of Cardboard

Anyone from the south knows that Kudzu will cover your property up in a nanosecond if you let it, and when it comes to prekitting, cardboard will do the same. Everyone laughs when you talk  about how much of a problem cardboard becomes when you switch to prekitting, but no one is laughing about it 2 weeks after they start.

So… what’s the best way to handle cardboard?

Let’s look at some options.

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Technology Spotlight

At LightSpeed we continue to work toward providing solutions to our customer’s needs.
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New Warehouse, New FastTrack!

Check out the new warehouse that Canteen’s Richmond branch recently moved in to!
As soon as they were settled in, our team went out to install a new FastTrack line to pick beverages. Thanks for having us!

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