The Smartest Way to Advertise

Our online digital advertising program allows you to push marketing content to TV monitors in your clients’ locations. You control what, where, and how long each ad plays. The Vision system lets you promote new and sale items, elevate your brand image, and communicate important information to customers.

How does it work?

  • Plug our media player into the back of the screen you want to connect, then log into our advertising platform from any device.

  • Create ads to promote the product and messages you want. We have a library of images and videos available to help.

  • Schedule ads to play at the time and location of your choice. You can even vary your ads by time of day.

  • Ads are pushed to the screens you choose. Customers see ads play as they are making purchasing decisions.

  • You can easily track advertising data from each screen display so you know how your ads are working.

“We saw growth rates on product promotions that ranged between 12%-85%. In most every case, base sales volume one month after the promotion was higher than the level prior to the promotion.”

Greg McCall, Five Star Food Services

“We utilize the technology of Vision Screens in all of our Micro Markets and Dining locations to drive sales and allow us to communicate with our customers.  We use the technology to highlight new items, advertise promotions and discounts on products.  Our Manufactures and Suppliers partner with us in funding the promotions and paying us directly to have access to get their products advertised on the screens.”

Frank Field, Imperial Vending & Coffee

Key Benefits of VISION Digital Marketing


No computer skills or special software required. All you need is a TV monitor, our plug-in device, and an internet connection.


Promote products, build your brand image, educate customers, recognize special events…and more. You choose the look, feel, and message of your ads.


Start pushing content and videos in minutes. Quickly change ads to match sales promotions or holiday cycles. Schedule ads in advance and forget it!


The Vision system capitalizes on the opportunity to influence a customer moments before they make a purchasing decision.

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