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LightSpeed One is a paperless order fulfillment system equipped to handle orders of any size. It flawlessly integrates with Shopify and other ecommerce platforms to receive order information. Using iPads mounted on mobile carts, LightSpeed One wirelessly guides your staff through an efficient pick route using intelligent product mapping. It is the only solution you need to dramatically improve ecommerce order fulfillment and expertly process EVERY order, EVERY time.

How does it work?


LightSpeed One works with Shopify and other ecommerce platforms to automatically receive orders.


An electronic pick ticket is transmitted to an iPad mounted on a mobile cart.


Pickers are guided through an efficient pick route using product mapping.


Barcode scanning or our triple-check system identifies items by picture, description, and bin location.

Confirm Shipment

Shopify receives actual order quantities from LightSpeed One for fast and easy shipping.

Key Benefits of LightSpeed One


The process is simple and intuitive, so you can train your staff in minutes.


Pick multiple orders simultaneously using our color coded system.


Product mapping and our triple check system make sure orders are filled right the first time.


Real time status updates and productivity tracking provide employee accountability.

Our team provides expert customer support

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Learn how LightSpeed One is improving order fulfillment for the team at RaceDayQuads.

“LightSpeed was definitely the answer that I needed.”

David Knight
COO, RaceDayQuads

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