Episode 2 of ROUTES: Journeys in Refreshment Services

Episode 2 of ROUTES: Journeys in Refreshment Services

Our friends over at VendCentral have released episode 2 of ROUTES: Journeys in Refreshment Services.

From VendCentral:

Today we are excited to bring you the second episode of ROUTES: Journeys in Refreshment Services.  This episode focuses on company culture.  With the stressful times and many changes our own organizations are experiencing, this topic is even more relevant.

Randy Smith, of LightSpeed Automation, sums it up well in this episode by saying, “We’re on a journey together. How can we learn together?  How can we grow together? How can we get out there and be successful?”  Right now, companies are asking employees to pull together and approach business methods in a whole new way.  But, a company’s culture may determine how its employees respond.

A strong culture helps to ensure the creativity, stamina, and commitment needed to take on current challenges and capitalize on future opportunities.  O’Sullivan Vending found meaningful ways to develop a strong company culture and its employees returned that investment ten-fold.

We have received an extremely positive response to ROUTES so far and we are so appreciative of your feedback.  We hope you will enjoy this latest episode and we look forward to bringing you more.

Stay well,
Neil and the VendCentral Team

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