Introducing Our 1st Ever Core Value Winner

Introducing Our 1st Ever Core Value Winner

Company culture is extremely important, and we take it very seriously. Southwest and Chick-Fil-A are perhaps two of the best examples of the trickle-down effect that culture has on your company. The level and consistency of their customer service is nothing short of legendary, and it’s a trademark of their company. You expect to be treated well there, and they deliver time and time again.

At LightSpeed, we have 5 Core Values that provide the foundation of our culture:

  1. Create Smart Innovation (Stay ahead of industry trends)
  2. The Golden Rule (Treat others how you wish to be treated)
  3. Respect and Honesty Always (With both Co-workers and Clients)
  4. Build Trusted Relationships (Honesty, trust and respect)
  5. Not Successful until Client says, “Wow”! (Go above and beyond client’s expectations)

We try to find way to keep these core values at the forefront of our minds, and we have recently implemented a new program that allows our employees to recognize and celebrate when their colleagues embody one of these values. Employees take notice of when one of their co-workers demonstrates core value behavior and submit it anonymously through an internal form. Once a month, we randomly choose a winner from the submissions.

The winner gets to select a reserved parking space for a month AND gets to choose between an extra vacation day or a dinner for two valued at $200. We also print and distribute all of the nominations to our staff.

We just chose our first winner, and we are proud to introduce the first ever LightSpeed Core Value Winner – Tom Look. Tom works on our Development Team. He was nominated under the “Golden Rule” Core Value.

Make sure to congratulate Tom! We hope that you always feel the effects of our Core Values in our interactions with you.

Marketing Team