Is Fresh Food Giving Your Drivers a Fit?

Is Fresh Food Giving Your Drivers a Fit?

Most of LightSpeed’s customers order fresh food for their markets manually. Because of the short shelf life they import the sales data into a spreadsheet and then manually, or using a pivot table, determine how much fresh food to order for that market. And this creates a downstream effect on your driver. In order to get the food items into the kiosk inventory they have to individually scan each item.

Depending on how many items are being delivered, this could add anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes per stop. And then you have to depend on them doing it correctly and not making a mistake. We all know drivers NEVER make a mistake – right?

LightSpeed has worked with several of our market provider partners and created a way for you to PUSH those orders to the kiosk and eliminate the driver from having to scan them individually. We have a spreadsheet upload feature that will allow you to add those fresh food orders easily and quickly into the LightSpeed database. When the system gets ready to send an update to the kiosk for an order that was just picked, it looks for a matching fresh food order and we grab that at the same time and PUSH it as well.

Boom!  That order was just sent to the kiosk and all the driver has to do is confirm the order once they arrive, just like they do for the chips, candy, and drinks. We’ve done this for 365 SmartHQ, 365 ADM, Avanti and ECRS.

If you have any interest in learning more about this new feature, please email me at We’ll set up a call and review all the details and how it will help control your kiosk inventory AND save your drivers a bunch of time.

Marketing Team