More Summer Savings! FastTrack Lights!

More Summer Savings! FastTrack Lights!

Here at LightSpeed, we are constantly looking for new ways to serve our customers. Last week we announced a sale of refurbished printers (Click Here to View, ICYMI). I am happy to say we have added more savings to our product line.

This week we are releasing our inventory of refurbished lights. They have all been put through a thorough quality check and given a makeover to be more aesthetically pleasing.

If you have been considering adding more products to your FastTrack line, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, consider this your sign!

Pricing and inventory is listed below. Happy Shopping!

  • 166 of: 3-Color Light (Beige)
  • 62 of: 5-Color Light (Beige)
  • 5 of: 5-Color Light (Black)


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The Importance of Location

Where is your printer located? Is that the most efficient place?

Spend an hour or so to examine the path that your employees walk while fulfilling orders in relationship to the printer.

Moving it to a new location may save time and steps for your employees.

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Industry Announcement!

We have joined forces with VendCentral to create a new video seriesROUTES: Journeys in Refreshment Services.

Our focus will be on business principals, growth, and innovation specific to the refreshment industry.


Check Out Episode 1!


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