[Webinar] Learn 5 Ways to Increase Operational Efficiencies

[Webinar] Learn 5 Ways to Increase Operational Efficiencies

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 – 10am PT /  1pm ET

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This year, operators have been challenged to run leaner more efficient operations, while at the same time manage fragmented operating systems. In this live webinar, you’ll hear from our team of experts, including Tim Jordan from Breaktime Vending, about the benefits to leveraging an integrated platform for simplifying warehouse processes, automating pre-kitting so you can eliminate bring-backs, and more easily managing all lines of business from one system.


What you’ll learn:

  • How Lightspeed and USAT’s Seed platform integrate to solve for challenges within your warehouse, routes, and machines.
  • New ways an integrated operation can make re-merchandising easier to execute.
  • Answers to the common question, “Should I pre-pick beverages in bulk or eaches?”
  • How you can stop managing separate warehouse inventories, and pen and paper practices of pre-picking vending, markets, OCS and pantry.
  • Ways Lightspeed and USAT work together to create a seamless implementation plan.

Eliminate disparate systems that manage the different aspects of your business, and hear how Tim moved to one integrated approach with Lightspeed and USAT.



Bill Bartholic
USA Technologies

David Marler
Lightspeed Automation

Tim Jordan
Breaktime Vending

Marketing Team