Your Products, Delivered

Your Products, Delivered

Being an entrepreneur means being successful at adapting to new challenges, quickly. And there is no question that businesses of all sizes have been challenged over the past 6 months. The pandemic, government mandates, media hype and all-out fear in the minds of the public has certainly kept many a business owner up at night. How do you generate enough revenue to keep the doors open, the lights on and the employees paid? This country has faced challenges like this in the past, but none in recent modern history.

At LightSpeed we face these same challenges and the first question we asked was – “What can we provide to our customers to help them bring in revenue?” The answer was simple. If our customers’ clients were working from home, let us make it easy for them to deliver their favorite snacks to their house. With office personnel working remote, what is the fastest way to get a system in place to make home delivery possible?

LightSpeed has an integration with Shopify – one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. In fact, we use it for our own online store. It’s easy to use and has the ability to use templates, so we are working on a home delivery program for our customers to use Shopify as the ordering portal and LightSpeed to pack them out and ship them.

Since we are still in beta with this program, if you have any interest please reply to to get added to the early release email list.


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