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Order Picking

Picking orders with paper? We help companies pick the right items in the right quantities EVERY TIME. We do it over TWO BILLION TIMES A YEAR.

Online Ordering

Taking orders by phone? Our straightforward systems let your customers place orders online, saving time and improving accuracy.

Inventory Management

Eyeballing inventory? It’s time to stop guessing. Our systems tell you exactly how much product you have on hand and what you need to order.

Digital Advertising

Manually changing ads? We’ve got what you need to drive sales with perfectly timed advertising at point of purchase.

Master ecommerce orders with LightSpeed One

Turn ecommerce order fulfillment from a headache into one of your company’s biggest strengths. LightSpeed One integrates with Shopify and other ecommerce service platforms to guarantee rapid, accurate order fulfillment. It is a simple and affordable way to satisfy customers, increase repeat business, and ensure growth.

Companies are more profitable with us

One small change can make a huge difference to your bottom line.
No matter your industry, our technologies will simplify your operations and maximize your efficiencies.


Craig Kushner

Monumental Markets
“It’s such a simple system and people don’t need to think.”

Duncan Smith

All Star Vending
“With LightSpeed I know that we’ve cut our labor in the warehouse by 35%.”

Ashilyn Sunderman

Smith Vending
“I can’t imagine operating today without LightSpeed.”

Bradlee Whitson

K&R Vending Services
“The quickest ROI I’ve had on any technology I’ve purchased in my career is LightSpeed. “

Ben Leonard

Coin Op Canteen
“LightSpeed’s technical support is second to none.  Their system just works.”


7 Steps to Improve
Warehouse Pick Rates

We’ve been in hundreds of warehouses, and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We will guide you toward a more efficient and accurate picking process, based on the best practices of top performing warehouses.

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