Increase your warehouse productivity with
our powerful, cost effective systems

Our order picking software seamlessly integrates with your POS system to receive timely order information. It then leads your employees on an optimized route through the warehouse to pick products. Products pass through multiple checkpoints to ensure accuracy. No more paper lists. No more doubling back. No more inaccurate picks. Just easy, accurate order fulfillment.

Perfect for small to mid-sized companies that value flexibility and the ability to scale up as business grows.

A highly versatile system that is great for larger companies with high volume picks.

A system specifically designed for cold food distribution

A secure picking system for correctional facilities

How does it work?

  • Our systems receive order information directly from your POS and generate digital pick tickets that can be accessed wirelessly.

  • Exclusive Warehouse Mapping technology finds the fastest route through your warehouse and the exact location of each item.

  • Optional barcode validation ensures you are picking the right product every time.

  • Status monitors provide real time processing and tracking information.

“We cut the time it took us to pick orders in half – from 10 hours to just over 5, and we reduced our picking staff while at the same time increasing order output by 33%.”

David Knight, RaceDayQuads

“LightSpeed is the key to our warehouse efficiency.”

Donnie Pemberton, Pepi Foods

“I can say with great confidence that our efficiency and accuracy are 100% attributed to LightSpeed Automation.”

Jared Detwiler, One Source

Key Benefits of LightSpeed’s Picking Systems


We have over 10 years of experience in order picking, and we have fined tuned the software along the way to provide you with the best solution possible.


Imagine your life with a seamless picking process. Once your customer clicks “buy,” we take care of the rest.

Product Validation

We triple check that your warehouse staff is picking the correct item by using product pictures, warehouse mapping and optional barcode validation.

Real-Time Results

See real-time feedback on the status monitor and through reports. You always know exactly what’s happening in the warehouse

Want to see how it’s done?

Watch us transform Dixie Riverside’s warehouse and learn how we’ve increased their productivity.

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