Through Warehouse U’s Case Studies, we take a deeper look into topics that affect the way you do business. Through the experiences of operators, operations managers and more, we explore ways to make your warehouse more efficient, help reduce labor hours and create more profits.

Prekitting – Follow the journey of Five Star Vending & OCS Service as they transition from traditional vending practices to prekitting. Learn about their trials and tribulations and how they have become a prekitting powerhouse.

Carton Flow Shelving – Installation of Carton Flow shelving provides increased organization and efficiency in any warehouse. This video series provides amazing before and after images of the transformations some of our clients have undergone.

Beverage Picking – In this Case Study, we answer the number one prekitting related question: What is the best way to pick beverages?

Technology Investment – The decision to invest in technology, from updating vending machines to handle telemetry to prekitting is a big one. Discover the steps Superior Vendall took to upgrade their operations and what they learned along the way.