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“Our decision was not only a strategic one in terms of efficiency and operating costs, but one that has made our business all-around better. Mobile Picking continues to offer the flexibility we need with the convenience of pre-kitting.  It affords us day-to-day flexibility, consistency, and reliability in our warehouse and route operations. I highly recommend it.”

Dean Prather, Quality Vending & Coffee

“The implementation of LightSpeed and prekitting was probably the single most beneficial and impactful changes we’ve made over the years.  The increase in productivity and efficiency was a game changer.”

Lauren Harris, M&M Sales Company

“Recently, we started working with LightSpeed to use Level, their inventory management software. We’ve been very impressed with it. We’re starting to use it for generating our purchase orders instead of ordering direct with our vendors, and we’re using it to ultimately control our cost of goods and reduce the amount of inventory that we have tied up on the shelf.”

Jarrad Duxbury, Tahoe Vending & Sonoran Coffee

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