Get Control of Your Largest Expense

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is the largest expense for any business owner, reaching more than 50% of total sales. Make the largest impact on your bottom line by controlling the Product Life Cycle with our Advanced Inventory Management solution.

How does it work?

On Hand

The LEVEL system provides instant, accurate knowledge of item on hands at any time with a quick look at a single dashboard.


No more guesswork. See how quickly product is leaving the shelves. Use precise information to anticipate future demand and limit overstocks.


Control how much and how often you are purchasing with suggestions derived from On Hand and Velocity data. You have the power to adjust as needed.


Wirelessly scan incoming product barcodes to update warehouse on hands immediately. Quickly compare receipt information to your original PO.


Complete inventory counts in a fraction of the time! LEVEL receives data from multiple scanners and provides accurate, cumulative totals in real time.

COGS Control

Precise On Hand information, data-driven ordering methods, and a reliable receiving process result in lower inventory carrying costs and higher fill rates.

“We carry 20% less inventory because of LightSpeed. It has simplified operations, improved efficiency and allowed for a reduction in staff.”

Mike Brown, PGI Services

“It used to take 3 people to do all of our purchasing and because of LightSpeed, we’ve been able to reduce that down to 1 person.”

Matt Cannizzaro, Imperial

Key Benefits of LEVEL Advanced Inventory Management


Know product on hands, replenishment data, and inbound receipts all with the touch of a button.


Eliminate the errors and guesswork from purchasing and receiving. Scheduled inventory counts are fast and easy.


Tap into days on hand and fill rates to project optimal inventory levels and eliminate missed sales opportunities.


Operate with a leaner and happier staff that benefits from less stress and higher yields.

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