Who we are

At LightSpeed, our customers are at the heart of everything we do – and we’re not satisfied until you say “WOW”. We take pride in providing automated solutions that save time, money, and resources, so our customers can focus on business growth. We are an industry leader in warehouse automation with over 10 years experience in helping customers around the globe. We stand behind the “golden rule” and our commitment to providing support with a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Golden Rule: treat others how you want to be treated

Create smart innovation

Respect and honesty always

Build trusted relationships

Not successful until the client says, “WOW!”

How we started

Randy Smith was a partner at Georgia Vending when he first saw the concept of prekitting. It didn’t take him long to realize that was going to be a big part of making his company successful. Prekitting allowed drivers to service more machines per route, more machines meant more revenue, more revenue with less expensive labor in the warehouse meant more efficiency and, therefore, more profit.

It was shortly after he had converted to prekitting that he realized there were flaws in the concept. Employees were walking back and forth in the warehouse looking for items to pick, everyone was using paper that needed to be manually updated with any changes, and with the warehouse not being well lit there was too much room for error. There had to be a better way.

Smith had seen the concept of pick to light before and thought there may be an application for his operation. He did his homework and decided to find a solution even if he had to create it. He was introduced to a software engineer through a mutual acquaintance and they spent every weekend over the next year developing the software for LightSpeed. In 2008, the system was completed and the very first LightSpeed was installed at Georgia Vending.

When you have game changing technology it doesn’t take long for word to spread.  As vendors stopped by for a sales call, they were taken on a tour to see the new “light system”. Once other operators heard about the system, they’d call Smith and ask for a demo. Within a few months of the very first LightSpeed being installed, Randy knew there was a demand. He sold his stake in Georgia Vending to his partner and embarked on a new career as a technology entrepreneur that 10 years later would have 600 systems operating worldwide.

Today, LightSpeed Automation has 48 integrations with technology partners, operates in 9 countries and picks over 2 billion items per year.

Meet Our Team


Randy Smith

Chief Executive Officer

David Marler

VP of Sales & Marketing

Trey Smith

VP of Operations

Murad Mackwani

VP of Development

Christine Pirtle

Director of Development

Community Outreach

At LightSpeed, we believe in the power of serving others. We are proud to support many outreach efforts to make our communities a stronger place.

We are proud to support organizations that are working to improve lives throughout our Atlanta community and the world.

Our team would love to get to know you.

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