Warehouse Best Practices provides operators with tips and advice on how to maximize the prekitting process and make your warehouse run like a well oiled machine. These tips, tricks and advice for will help with creating the most efficient warehouse possible.

Candy Picking

Picking candy can quickly go from simple to sticky, especially in the summer months. Learn more about the benefits of a Candy Room as well as some ways to beat the heat while transporting your candy.

What’s Your PPI?

Best Practices help bring efficiency to everyday tasks. This article introduces you to the concept of a Pick Productivity Index (PPI) and how when combined with warehouse best practices, can impact your overall efficiency when it comes to prekitting.

Beverage Picking: Each vs. Bulk

It’s one of the most often asked questions we get here at LightSpeeed: How should you pick beverages? We’ve recently seen a surprising shift in the answer to that question. Learn why industry leaders are changing their tune.

Conveyor vs. Carts: The Epic Battle

Whether you’re a LightSpeed customer or not, if you are prekitting, you have some efficiency decisions to make. With multiple options, learn more about what to consider when deciding how you create your prekits. Which option will reign supreme?

A Place for Everything, Everything in its Place

Better organization equals better efficiency. Seems like an easy concept to understand. Yet to many operators are perplexed because of a high error rate in their warehouse. Receiving and picking product is not a hard concept, yet the high number of SKU’s that an operator must maintain can make the task seem over whelming.

Location, Location, Location

If you have not done so, take an hour or two and simply observe the path that your warehouse employees walk every day while prekitting. With technology, today it’s easy to have them track the number of steps that they walk.