Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

At LightSpeed we continue to work toward providing solutions to our customer’s technology needs. With COVID-19 still raging through the country those needs continue to mount. In our travels to see customers, we noticed that many of them were requiring temperature checks before they would allow us into the building. Not only was this required for visitors but it was required for employees and it was being tracked manually on paper. As you may know paper and LightSpeed do not belong in the same sentence, so we set out to find a better way for our customers to manage this task.


And we found it: Facial Recognition.


We didn’t invent facial recognition – but we did find an affordable way for our customers to use it. This machine can be wall mounted, table mounted or floor mounted. It will scan an individual and record their temperature. There are settings inside the admin panel that allow you to set your parameters. Most notably, this device will identify an individual whether they are wearing a mask or not. It requires minimal set up and will eliminate the need to track recordings manually. AND, there is no recurring licensing to use the device out of the box.


But wait – there’s more.


It can be used as a time clock, track attendance and log the employee’s temperature at each login. The dashboard will show you all activity for the day at each branch by employee. It can be used for security access to certain parts of the building including eliminating someone from sharing their access code to get into the money room or the warehouse pick area. There is a small licensing fee to connect this to your LightSpeed server and provide the tech support.


Here is a quick video on how easy it is to use:


If you are interested in learning more about facial recognition and how it can help you manage through this Pandemic, send an email to David Marler at dmarler@lightspeedautomation.com.

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