Summer is Coming! Chocolate is Melting!

Summer is Coming! Chocolate is Melting!

I realize many of you in certain parts of the country still experiencing sub-freezing temps want to throw something at me right now, but for many of us spring like temps have arrived and the heat of summer is not far behind. And when the temps, increase getting chocolate from a climate-controlled room in your building to a machine or market becomes a challenge. Chocolate melts at 78 degrees and in many places in the country it’s that hot in the early morning.

LightSpeed can help in a couple of ways.

Option #1 – Candy Zone

Many customers will create a separate candy zone in a designated area away from the main snack line and pick that product separately. It is usually less expensive to cool a small room for the candy/chocolate and then pick that zone separately from snacks. It’s very easy to set up that new zone in LightSpeed and a quick call or email to Support can set this up.

Option #2 – Candy Section

For customers who have the benefit of the entire pick line being in a climate-controlled room, they can section off the candy/chocolate at the end of the line and then pick it in a separate container as the tote travels down the conveyor. At the print station they can print an additional tote ticket that tags that candy to a specific machine and then it gets put into a separate container for travel to its destination.

If I pick chocolate separately, how does it go from the warehouse to the machine?

We have customers using all types of containers to package chocolate. Some examples include: small candy totes, pastry boxes, zip lock bags and LightSpeed’s candy bag. These small containers get packed in a large tote or a large cooler and placed in a separate part of the truck. This way, they stay chilled until they are placed in the machine or market.

LightSpeed’s candy bags hold approximately 25-30 bars of chocolate. They are about the size of a large bank deposit bag. You can fit a full route’s worth of chocolate in a large Igloo cooler. They have a plastic sleeve on the outside for the tote ticket. This way the location information for that product doesn’t get mixed up if the tote ticket gets separated. They are durable, and while not fully insulated, they do provide additional time to get the chocolate placed. And the best part is they are reusable and last a long time.

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