Reverse U-Shaped Pick Line

Reverse U-Shaped Pick Line

I must admit that I have not been to EVERY LightSpeed customers warehouse, but I have been to a majority of them. Throughout my travels I have not seen a U-Shaped pick line where the picking was done on the outside of the line. Until now.

Continental Canteen’s Van Buren Michigan location just combined their Market and Vending line into a U-Shape. But not just a normal U where the pickers are inside. Nope – they load from the inside and pick all the way around the outside of the U. Of course, you must have adequate space to do this and it’s obvious they did, but what a unique concept.

The install was just completed, and I promise to do a follow up story on their pick rates and how their efficiency has improved since the redesign, but for now I wanted you to see it. Check out this short video as we take you all around the pick line. This was shot by one of our install guys, so it is a little shaky.

Well done, Continental. Can’t wait to see it in person.

Marketing Team