Finally! A New Drink Tote Made for Vending Operators!

Finally! A New Drink Tote Made for Vending Operators!

On a recent visit to Quality Vending & Coffee in Kansas City, we saw something that we had to share. In fact, it is a solution to THE most asked question that we get – how do you prekit beverages?

LightSpeed has always been a reliable source for industry best practices. We constantly share some of the most unique ideas that we see in our travels to make sure everyone gets the most out of their LightSpeed systems. We believe in a rising sea lifts all ships.

Dean Prather, VP of Quality, has been working for the past year to develop the perfect drink tote. And I think he actually nailed it. We were so impressed with it we immediately shot an unplanned episode of a Minute with Marler while we were on site.

Check out the tote by watching the episode here.

If you have any interest in joining the “inner circle” of operators that Dean talks about in the clip, then make sure to reach out to him by going to the website or calling him directly on his cell 816-699-7632.


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