Level Risk Free Trial

Level Risk Free Trial

In mid-March our worlds changed.

Businesses were closing at a rapid rate.

The reality of the pandemic was affecting us all.

It was a conversation with my client that changed my thoughts of devastation into action – What can I do to help?

One of their biggest challenges was warehouse inventory. In fact, it was a common issue for most of our customers.  In today’s tech driven world, the old school system of eye balling product that needs to be ordered, having too much stock of one item, spending hours just placing orders with vendors and lack of accountability were all challenges they faced.

I asked my client how they were placing PO’s and he said they were manually creating orders on spreadsheets and emailing them to the vendors.

To me, the answer was obvious. Level.

But how can I help them when revenue is down, free time is up, and they are furloughing employees left and right?

A quick meeting with the team at LightSpeed and we had a plan. We decided to make Level available to any LightSpeed customer at no charge over an extended trial period. Let them use the software to bring their warehouse inventory under control without having to pay for it upfront.

To date, the results are impressive:

      • Real time access to all products coming into the warehouse and exiting the warehouse
      • Reduced vendor ordering time up to 75%
      • Reduced on hand inventory up to 30%
      • Accountability for bring backs into the warehouse
      • Cycle counts on a regular basis, rather than full warehouse inventory counts at the EOM
      • Full visibility as to orders placed, orders being received each day, shortages and product on hand on the dashboard
      • Access to inventory reports, vendor reporting and more


If you are finally ready to get your warehouse inventory under control, improve your bank account and properly manage your cost of goods sold, call me. Let’s get your Risk-Free Level Trial started today!

Lindsay Klintworth
Senior National Account Manager

Marketing Team