Should You Flip the Switch to LED?

Should You Flip the Switch to LED?

The bump in popularity of LEDs may lead you to think that energy efficient lights are a recent phenomenon. They aren’t. Light emitting diodes have been around since 1962.

Nick Holonyak, Jr. invented the game-changing technology when he was just 33 years old. Fun fact – he was actually trying to make a laser. Happy accident.

While many consumers have made the switch, those who haven’t will be given a nudge by the federal government next year. In 2007, Congress passed a law decreeing that lightbulbs must become three times more efficient by the year 2020. The sale of anything emitting fewer than 45 lumens per watt will be prohibited.

So Long, Edison

The only bulbs currently meeting that requirement are compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs. Say goodbye to the “Edison.”

Navigant Research reports that global growth of high-efficiency lighting systems is expected to soar from $651M in 2017 to $4.5B in 2026. Much of that growth will be driven by updated building codes, making providers of commercial LED retrofit systems positioned to answer the call. The call of nature. The call for a more efficient, cleaner, planet.

Hello Greenlight LED Solutions

Meet Steve Flaim of Greenlight LED Solutions – a full-service LED retrofit installer for existing facilities. When asked what attracted Flaim, a retired Coca Cola executive, to the LED light business, he was quick to share some compelling features of Greenllight.

“We are a solutions company,” said Flaim. Primarily servicing warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities, Greenlight offers a complete turnkey solution with no disruption in operations.

Our Process

Greenlight’s approach to lighting solutions means they handle all aspects of your retrofit. After conducting a site review to determine your goals and technical considerations, they will perform a lighting audit to identify current usage and areas for improvement. They will then help you choose the best financing options with no upfront investment. They will also optimize energy rebates and tax incentives to maximize your ROI. . Because Greenlight is a manufacture’s direct company with aggressive financing, the customer actually profits and makes money from day one with no out of pocket expenses and all the benefits LED lights provide.

Our Solutions

“We represent eight different LED manufacturers, multiple installers, and multiple finance companies. We are there as a consultant to ensure the right solution for your particular circumstance,” said Flaim.

Our Products

Greenlight offers a broad range of pricing as well as quality. Not all LEDs are created equal. Our lighting specialists will assess your business needs against some 250 product lines to customize a sustainable, fully-integrated system.

The advantages are many when choosing LEDs over conventional lighting.

  • Savings of 60 – 80% of energy bill
  • Less strain on the electric grid
  • Significant tax advantages
  • Substantial Co2 savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced maintenance – some bulbs have a 20-year lifetime
  • Increase in property valuation
  • Better-lit facilities
  • Fewer security concerns

Greenlight provides complete turnkey LED lighting solutions to lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. They are committed to engineering an outcome for the most demanding of applications. Contact Steve at to learn how you make the switch to an integrated, high-efficiency light system, or download Greenlight’s spec sheet by clicking here: Greenlight-LED-Information.pdf

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