Top 25 Pick Rates: February 2020

Top 25 Pick Rates: February 2020

We certainly don’t need to tell anyone that our industry has changed in the last week.  Unless you’ve been locked up as a contestant on the reality show Big Brother, our country and industry has some challenges to overcome. Because it may be a while before things return to normal, we will temporarily suspend publishing the Top 25 pick rates.

We remain positive this will be a short term problem.  The steps being taken to stop the spread of the virus are unprecedented.  If we all do our part and keep an optimistic view, we will get through this and be better as a result.

We are here to help.  If you need any help in training new employees due to layoffs, need to upgrade your version of LightSpeed or want to take advantage of the down time and reorganize your warehouse we can help.  Our support team is temporarily grounded but we are fully staffed.  They are standing by to assist any way they can.

We are taking advantage of this down time by putting new procedures in place that will improve your experience with LightSpeed.  Our Development department is working hard to complete some exciting new feature requests that will make our customers even more efficient.

We are choosing to stay positive, focus on the things that we can control, help our customers and be ready for the biggest economic rebound in the history of our country. 


Full System Domestic Customers Only

Rank Client Branch Total PPH
1 Canteen Corporate Columbia 4537
2 Canteen Corporate High Point 4409
3 Canteen Corporate Middletown 4401
4 Canteen Corporate Rocky Mount 4342
5 Canteen Corporate Charlotte 3960
6 Canteen Corporate Memphis 3900
7 Canteen Corporate Orlando 3558
8 Birmingham Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Birmingham 3402
9 Canteen Corporate Suitland 3134
10 Canteen Corporate Hickory 3065
11 Canteen Corporate Asheville 2947
12 Canteen Corporate Tampa 2830
13 Dynamic Vending Hazelwood 2489
14 Canteen Corporate Baltimore 2467
15 Canteen Corporate St. Louis 2448
16 Canteen Corporate Miami 2429
17 Canteen Corporate St Paul 2343
18 Franklin Services Groveport 2332
19 Vend Works Collins 2329
20 CC Vending Mount Vernon 2292
21 Refreshments Inc. Corinth 2242
22 CRH Catering West Penn Culinary 2227
23 Canteen Corporate Birmingham 2153
24 Canteen Corporate Fayetteville 2137
25 Canteen Corporate Marinette 2129


Mobile Only Domestic Customers Only

Rank Client Branch Total PPH
1 Continental Canteen Sterling Heights 1174
2 Automatic Food Service Montgomery 1146
3 Canteen Service of Central Missouri Jefferson City 1145
4 Continental Canteen Livonia 1138
5 Larsen Vending Phoenix 1075
6 Continental Canteen Jackson 961
7 Mid Arkansas Vending Little Rock 942
8 Fox Coffee & Vending Bridgeview 870
9 Continental Food Service York 866
10 Quality Vending & Coffee Gladstone 863
11 Roddy Vending Morristown 852
12 Treasure Valley Blackfoot 767
13 Cajun Vending Houma 761
14 Premium Food & Beverage Sioux City 756
15 Griesedieck Vending & Coffee St. Louis 756
16 Five Star Vending & OCS Manhattan 751
17 Kinney Amusement & Vending Springfield 722
18 Jackson Brothers of the South Springfield 711
19 Canteen Corporate Fort Myers 710
20 Take A Break Vending Bakersfield 710
21 Aramark Vending Philadelphia 672
22 Vend Alaska Anchorage 665
23 LTD Refreshments North Chelmsford 663
24 Canteen Canada Corp Edmonton 658
25 Sunrise Vending Corpus Christi 655


*The pick rates published here are determined by dividing the total number of pieces picked for the month by the total amount of time a customer was logged into LightSpeed.  We measure two types of time – active and idle time.  The two numbers added together make up Clock Time (or Total Time). 

There are several things that we cannot see in measuring these pick rates.  The biggest one is the number of employees being used during active picking.  A company with 10 people on their line is going to pick faster than a company with 3 people on their line.

Total Clock PPH is the most accurate way to measure total warehouse efficiency if you’re going to use one metric.  It does combines active and idle time but there are legitimate reasons for idle time – stocking shelves, emptying trash, breaking down cardboard, cleaning the bathroom, putting up an incoming vendor order and the list goes on.

Marketing Team