Would a Quality Control Station Help Your Operation?

Would a Quality Control Station Help Your Operation?

Calling all LightSpeed customers! Now is the time to make your voices heard. Ask not what you can do for LightSpeed – ask what LightSpeed can do for you!!

No, I’m not running for office, but I am in need of your opinion. I will explain.

Most of the improvements within LightSpeed come from customer input. While we cannot always use every idea, each one is carefully considered and evaluated to decide if it will help the LightSpeed community. We have one such idea and we want to poll your opinion on it.

We developed a QC (Quality Control) station for a client outside of vending. This is a home delivery customer who is delivering fresh produce to customers who have prepaid their order, so a mistake is a big deal to them. At the end of the pick line, the QC person takes a bar code scanner and scans the tote ticket bringing that order up on the iPad screen. They then have to do a second validation that each item ordered is in the basket prior to it being closed and loaded on a truck.

We are currently testing this with a LightSpeed customer, and they have requested that we show BOTH the order quantity and the pick quantity. While we agree with the feedback, we are not certain that this would be a valuable feature for other LightSpeed customers. And by valuable, I mean is this a feature worth buying.

We have prepared a quick 1-minute survey for you to tell us if this is a go or no go. We really value your input and don’t want to waste time developing features that you don’t value. We’d rather spend that time finding ways to help you make more money.

Thanks in advance for your honesty.


Marketing Team