Introducing New Home Delivery Program

Introducing New Home Delivery Program

At LightSpeed, we are always looking for ways to serve our customers. With our industry going through a pandemic we wanted to find a way to help them create a new revenue stream. Everything we have seen in our research tells us that home delivery is here to stay. Families have grown very comfortable with having consumables delivered to their doorstep.

All Star Services is a long-time LightSpeed customer and was quick to volunteer to be our development partner for the Home Delivery program.
We have been working exclusively with their team to fine-tune this service that will allow an operator to generate a new revenue stream by selling directly to the end-user, as opposed to providing those services through a micro market. Now that office buildings are sitting empty, all the perks that were easy to provide pre-COVID, like work anniversaries and birthdays, are more difficult – if not nonexistent. With Home Delivery, operators can offer their customers a way to recognize their employees, assist local charities with fundraising projects, and provide the same office snacks but in the comfort of their home.

LightSpeed completed the integration with Shopify, one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms, over a year ago. When the pandemic hit, it seemed to be just the right tool to introduce to help our customers. The online store template that has been created is easy to set up and the orders flow into LightSpeed to be picked – just like a vending or market order. Once picked, the order is shipped directly to the consumer using Shopify’s fulfillment process and you get the benefit of using their extremely low shipping rates.

You can get into the home delivery business in just a couple of days.

To learn more about our new program, please email our Sales team at

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Huge thanks to BreakTime Vending for adding to the LightSpeed family.
We recently install their second FastTrack system into their Corbin branch.

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