Micro Markets

Micro Markets

Micro Markets have changed the vending industry forever. And as much as they have helped increased sales and profits, they have also created challenges for the operator when it comes to ordering fresh food. Since reorder points usually don’t take into account expiration dates, most fresh food ordering is done manually.  And a manual order process means that drivers must scan those items into the kiosk one at a time.

Enter LightSpeed PUSH. We have developed a way for the operator to upload those orders into LightSpeed and we then push that order to the market by attaching it to an existing order. This eliminates the driver from having to scan each item and reduces the time they spend servicing the account by an average of 20 minutes.

We are close to releasing this new solution and if you’d like to be a part of phase II beta testing, then email me at lwilson@lightspeedautomation.com
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