March Madness is Starting Early!

March Madness is Starting Early!

Free Shipping on Domestic Orders March 1st-5th!

We have finally put 2020 behind us and 2021 is getting off to a promising start. Since we all are trying to adapt new concepts in our businesses and learn from the pivots that we all made last year, we here at LightSpeed world headquarters are going to do the same.

Our online store has been part of our business strategy for a long time. However, we’ve treated it like an extension of the services that we provide our customers and not really looked at it as a standalone ecommerce site. You know – what types of offers can we make to help customers save a few bucks and keep their LightSpeed systems running smooth.

Well, that’s about to change. Our version of March Madness is about to start right now.

From March 1st – 5th there is NO SHIPPING on ANYTHING in our store. ANYTHING!! Including paper!!

Candy bags (summer is on the way), iPad set ups, printers – all the heavy stuff that costs a lot to ship – not this week. No shipping on anything in our store for one week. So, stock up on all those heavy items that you need to buy and let LightSpeed cover the shipping cost.



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